When are you coming to the Pantanal?

...we are not trained butlers, but we will make you feel comfortable



Room service

Conceição, our "housemother" makes sure that the sheets lie correctly on the mattress. She enjoys it when she can give the broom a rest after the hard housework.



Chef kitchen

Ana likes to eat the lovingly prepared meals, so it is important to her that our guests can also enjoy their lovingly prepared meals.



Guest supporter & Horsekeeper

Marcos our Vaquero prepares his four-legged "friends" for their task. He feeds them, talks to them and determines which guest fits on which horseback. So that you can be carried safely through the beautiful Pantanal landscape.



Guest supporter & Allrounder

José takes care that our guests do not get lost in the dense gallery forests. It gently cleans the footpaths. He also talks to the different kinds of monkeys that they should please also show themselves to the guests. From time to time they watch him with interest.

Pedro Paulo ist unser Tourbegleiter

Pedro Paulo 


Pedro Paulo our tour guide is happy to welcome many guests. As a local, it is important to him to explain to the people this largest natural spectacle of flooding, the Pantanal.



Houses & Energy

Dito, knows the roof over our head is important, and it needs someone to look after it. It replaces bricks and repairs holes in the wall. He is also familiar with the energy supply on the farm. He knows how to use this precious resource.




Beto will see that everyone gets their money. He also makes sure that everything is okay.



our Man for everything

Vinícius, is our lawn hairdresser, he also helps his father Marcos with the guidance of the horses, repairs fences and much more... Vinícius is currently learning German in Switzerland. As a tourguide he will soon accompany you on our tours.



Tour guide

Milca is tour guide for our guests. She knows a lot about flora and fauna. Milca knows that many people cannot anymore experience such a beautifull nature in their own neighbourhood.

Sonia Schlatter, Ueli Wittwer und Ernesto Schlatter

Sonia, Ernesto & Ueli

Booking service

We are the contact persons to you and it gives us pleasure, if we get many of you to book a visit in the wonderful alluvial land.

Adrian Edelmann


Web services

Adrian is our website companion, he does this for pleasure, not professionally. That means, he often works on the great website at night many hours.

Djago Vaquero


Cattle & Horsekeeper

Thiago our Vaquero is not only good with horses, he also likes to work with the pavement trowel and is therefore an important helper for the UeSo- Estância Vitória.



Cattle & Horsekeeper

Pedro is a born Vaqueiro. He knows no other life. The horses love him because he is enthusiastic about them. He makes sure that everyone comes to their food. When a horse injures itself, he is there and cares for the wound. The horses are his friends.



Tour guide

Our Noldi not only knows the Swiss Matterhorn, he also knows our termite hills in the Pantanal among many other interesting things. He is a walking Pantanal encyclopedia, so that you will be super accompanied by him.

Horse riding Pantanal

Dão Pedro

our Pantanal-Taxi

«When will come the first guest who changes places with me and carries me halfway through my tour?»

Rodovia Transpantaneira
Km 38
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Mato Grosso, Brasil

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