Adventure trips in the Pantanal

For more than 20 years now we have been accompanying our guests in the northern Pantanal. Our Lodge is located about 38km from the entrance into the wetland. It is located directly at the famous dust road, the Transpantaneira, which leads from Poconé to Porto Jofre.

As soon as you pass the gate to the Transpantaneira, shortly after Poconé, you will experience the incredibly rich fauna and flora. You think you are in the middle of a huge zoo, only there are no walls and hardly any fences, only bushes, trees and the wide horizon limit the view to infinity. Caimans lie at the waterholes, a Capybara family stroll over the Transpantaneira and an anaconda lurk in a moat. The many water lilies, between which the big Jabirus storks strut and search for fish are a typical picture here. The termite hills up to 2 meters high look as if they were paved by human hands.

Our tours include excursions to the whole region. The Pantanal alluvial plain, the Chapada, the meeting of the jaguar and river snorkeling in Nobres. All these trips can be combined.

Howler monkey in the rainy season
pantanal map location of the pantanal wetland

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Rodovia Transpantaneira
Km 38
78175-000 Poconé
Mato Grosso, Brasil

S 16° 33'' 5'
W 56° 43'' 12'

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